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Complete Amino-plex

High Quality, Crystalline, Free Form, Amino Acids. All 9 Essential Aminos plus 14 supporting.

1500 mg per 2 capsule serving
Available in 125ct, 250ct, and 500ct vcaps.

Acetyl L-Carnitine

Studies indicate that Acetyl L Carnitine may help promote improved brain metabolism, cognitive function, and memory. We recommend using as part of a healthy aging program

500 mg capsule    
Available in 60ct and 100ct vcaps.

Chemotherapy Radiation Support

Supports Muscle Mass, Immune & Gut Health. May help decrease metabolic side effects, diminish risks of high dose chemotherapy & Radiation Therapy

L-Glutamine Powder 4,000 mg per serving
Available in 8o z and 1 lb powders.


Semi-essential amino acid. Has numerous functions in the body including helping the body get rid of ammonia (a waste product), making compounds in the body such as creatine, L-glutamate, and L-proline.

750 mg capsule    
Available in 100ct and 250ct vcaps.

L-Carnitine – Extra Strength

500 mg capsule    
Available in 60ct and 180ct vcaps.


Supports muscle mass, immune system, and gut health.

500 mg capsule
Available in 120ct and 250ct vcaps.

Powder (4,000 mg per servings)
Available in 8 oz and 1 lb containers.


An essential amino acid. It must be obtained through diet or by supplementation. Lysine is an essential component of proteins and is essential in the maintenance of nitrogen balance. Supports a healthy immune system & calcium absorption.

500 mg capsule    
Available in 60ct, 120ct, and 180ct vcaps.


Sulfur-containing, antioxidant amino acid that protects against free radical damage to cells. It aids in osmoregulation (maintenance of proper concentrations of ions) inside the cell, sperm motility, bile acid conjugation. Taurine is a neurotransmission and athletic performance substance (acts as an insulin mimetic, to allow for better glucose deposition into muscles).

1,000 mg capsule
Available in 50ct and 100ct vcaps


L-tyrosine plays an important role in maintaining healthy mental function because it is a key component of vital brain chemicals

500 mg capsule    
Available in 60ct and 120ct vcaps.