Alexa Health Products is a manufacturers' rep company that caters to several different markets;  the equine industry, the health food industry for people, and the wonderful world of pets. We call on feed stores, hay dealers, tack stores, some horse farms, doggie boutiques, and pet supply stores, mostly in Florida.  For years, we've promoted the amazing health benefits of chia seeds for both humans and horses.  Chia seeds are the core of our business.  These are  flexible seeds, high in omega threes and fiber, and they are thriving all over our markets in all different types of products. We carry chia seed in bulk quantities, as well as the MOCU Health line of chia and kombucha drink mixes (available in 6 flavors). See our chia products section for more information on these great products.  Also, check out the new line of ingredients and Collagen Drink Mixes from MOCU Health Products

Now a proud member of the Southeast Natural Products Association, we are introducing a wealth of new, innovative products to our health food store customers to benefit their customers in various healthy ways. 

We have a fine line of equestrian supplement products from Power Horse, Choice of Champions, and Animal Health.  

We welcome you to explore our diverse product lines. Let us know if you have any questions or interest in purchasing some of these innovative quality products. Thank you!

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